Understanding The Business of Life

Be who you are, be who you are. Not what people told you what you should be. Always be who you are. What you are, whoever you are whatever you are, is more powerful than any ambition of another person telling you what you should be.


For more than last 51 years, Shri Prem Rawat is giving the message of peace and humanity to people all around the world. The chain of hisevents are continuously happening all over the world. On 5th Nov 2017, he has done a program in Buxar, Bihar in which more than 4 lacs people gathered to listen to him.

Shanti Ki Talash

Getting tired of the busy routine of everyday life, often we go to new places to refresh ourselves, but do we fulfill that inner desire of us by going there?

Splitting the Arrow

Understanding the business of life.


You have this gift of Knowledge, make that effort, practice, enjoy. Be fulfilled. That’s the greatest blessing to be alive! That’s and accomplishment. That’s what Master has for the students. And there is the love that the students have for the…


Shri Prem Rawat is known in the world as a voice, which inspires people through different forums to experience that peace which exists inside of them, In Apr 2017, he has been invited once again by New World Channel.

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