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Production Raj Vidya Kender
Category Message of Peace
Format DVD
Durations (min.) 56 minutes
Language Hindi


Peace is possible within the heart of every human being, whatever the circumstances of this world may be,. This is the message of Prem Rawat who has been inspiring people around the world for last 50 years. He is invited to give his message by several institutions, governments and organizations of the world. In the main event of the 15th Foundation Day of Jharkhand Assembly in India, he inspired the honorable speaker, legislatures, government officials and other distinguished guests about peace. In this message wishing them on the occasion of the Foundation Day of the Jharkhand Assembly, Prem Rawat said, that “If a human being does not see the other human being as a human being, and he only looks at the differences, he will never have peace in his life. So, it is very important that we should not forget our humanity and contribute in such a manner that takes us towards peace and human beings towards humanity.


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