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Baje Anhad – Madan Gopal Vol.2



Production Raj Vidya Kender
Category Video Bhajan
Format DVD
 Durations (min.) 74 minutes
Language Hindi


Here is a DVD having a beautiful compilation of a few marvelous lyrics, written by many saints as worthful lines for one and all; selected out of the great musical program ‘Baaje Anhad’ being telecast at ‘Anjan TV’ and sung melodiously by the famous singer, Madan Gopal Ji, for you. So enjoy ‘Baaje Anhad’ by Madan Gopal

Durations: 74 Minutes

Sr. Bhajan Duration
1 Jag Main Guru Saman 8:25 Min
2 Tab Paoge Tab Paoge 7:00 Min
3 Sharan Main Aa Pada 8:25 Min
4 Jaun Kaha Taji 5:05 Min
5 Kaun Hari Bhati Hari 8:00 Min
6 Tum Sharnai Aayo 7:05 Min
7 Prabhu Ji Mere Avgun 6:45 Min
8 Pahle Data Shishya 7:40 Min
9 Tum Taji Kaun Pain 7:50 Min
10 Satguru Piya Mori 4:20 Min


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